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Cybersecurity & Compliance

Our experienced team of certified security assessors and penetration testers is here to help you stay on top of important factors such as phishing/spoofing training, data/security mandates, risk assessments, and proactive threat management. Our certified ethical hackers even take steps to identify employees that need further training by sending real-world tests to your security infrastructure, all while keeping your environment safe and secure.

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Steven ThomsonSteven Thomson ★★★★★ Contango is ON IT! My firm's IT services completely improved once we started working with Contango's team. They're responsive, thorough, and incredibly kind in their communication. I would suggest Contango to anyone seeking to bring clarity and efficiency to their technology operations. 5 stars.Paul WellerPaul Weller ★★★★★ Contango has done an excellent job with handling our company's IT. Our whole firm is remote and they have stayed on top of regular updates and questions. Their response time to e-mails is extremely quick and they always follow up to ensure that any problems are resolved. I would highly recommend them.Dominic PiccirilloDominic Piccirillo ★★★★★ Contango just successfully moved us from Rackspace to Office 365, providing great support before/after the move. We've been working with them for over 3 years for all IT support, computers, cloud, etc. Once in a while I need to escalate an issue and when I do, they throw a bunch of senior people at the issue. Love their professionalism and drive to get any issues resolved in a timely manner. This helps us grow.Pattie TopePattie Tope ★★★★★ We are a new client with Contango IT. So far it has been a positive experience! Helpdesk is very responsive and dependable. I appreciate the ease of communication and smooth onboarding process as new client.Mary-Frances WintersMary-Frances Winters ★★★★★ Contango service is superior. Every support technician that I have encountered has been responsive, extremely polite, patient and knowledgeable. Their response time is excellent. I always hear from someone within 1-2 hours.Susan HarrisSusan Harris ★★★★★ Contango is a pleasure! No matter what computer problems we are having, we are able to contact Contango to get a solution. The tech experts are professional, answer all questions (even the stupid ones), and are good with following up to make sure the problem has been resolved. We don't contact them often, as our computers are usually humming along just fine but it is reassuring to know that, when needed, help is just a call/click away.Christopher NapierChristopher Napier ★★★★★ Contango has been a great IT partner for our law firm, and has proven knowledgeable, practical, and responsive.Jason HavensJason Havens ★★★★★ I've been working with Contango IT for almost 10 years, first as a client where they handled our day to day IT for years. After I sold my business to a larger company, we started bringing Contango IT into job after job to help us with our own clients and their technology needs. Their professionalism, consistency and general quality of product (especially at affordable rates) has made it so we keep coming back to work together on more jobs. Thank you so much Contango IT!!Amanda LoydAmanda Loyd ★★★★★ We have used Contango for less than a year but they are always helpful and friendly when I request assistance. They recently helped remove some software from my device and it was an easy process. Much easier than if I was just sent instructions on how to attempt it myself!Mark SheeranMark Sheeran ★★★★★ Contango handled everything IT for our 40+ person engineering firm from consulting to support to strategy. Contango is obsessed with the customer experience and always does the right thing. We had a particularly challenging project and Contango did not hesitate for a second to get all hands on deck, listen to our issues, and work tirelessly to solve it for us. I would recommend them very highly to anyone looking for best in class IT consulting service and support.Zhao TTMCZhao TTMC ★★★★★ Contango has provided excellent support for my company with quick response times. Vinod, Marc, and Tom has been great at understanding what we need to grow and the level of urgency needed for emergencies. Definitely recommend.Mark DeRosaMark DeRosa ★★★★★ We have been a customer with Contango for 6+ years. Our business requires great attention to protecting client data. Contango keeps us abreast of the latest in cyber-security. Excellent response time and expertise for our day-to-day support and project management on the hardware and software sideMatt Z Chan (曾梓翰)Matt Z Chan (曾梓翰) ★★★★★ TANGO WITH CONTANGOFriendly staff. The company i'm with in NYC contracts contango & so far the energy of the team i've been dealing with for IT issues has been great.The service is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They have cross industry knowledge (we're in CAD & design), and are knowledgeable with niche accounting systems.Steffanie PetersonSteffanie Peterson ★★★★★ We have been using Contango IT for a little over five years now and can say with complete confidence that we have never really had a single issue that wasn't resolved quickly and efficiently. Plus, their team is always professional and helpful!Kaleb BeckettKaleb Beckett ★★★★★ Great service with a very knowledgeable and helpful team! Great IT partner.Susan BeharrySusan Beharry ★★★★★ Quick and accurate response received. Very appreciative of the recommendation needed.js_loader See All Reviews

What We Cover (and more...)

Virtual CISO Services

One of our most popular and valuable offerings, a virtual CISO can bring a lot to the table. Your CISO can guide you, your Infosecurity team, and your company through a wide range of common problems like compliance issues, closing sales, and even answering important vendor/client questions.

Privacy, Compliance, and Governance

It’s overwhelming to audit for and implement every single technology requirement and regulation, especially across different geographies. But, that’s where our team comes in to take technology off of your plate and keep your company compliant with all relevant data, security, and privacy mandates.

PCI Experts and Turnkey Solutions

Contango offers expert assistance and guidance from Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) and our team was the first to issue a PCI DSS certificate in an all AWS environment. We also provide turnkey solutions to save your organization time and money without the hassle of complicated maintenance.

Risk Assessments / Gap Analysis

Instead of simply reacting to problems, Contango is the perfect partner to make sure that your organization remains proactive and secure. Conducting a risk assessment or a gap analysis can help identify potential threats and security holes before they become a serious issue.

Phishing, Social Engineering, and Managed Security

Our 24/7 monitoring services constantly scan your company’s websites and servers for outside threats and intrusions, while our certified ethical hackers use tools and social engineering to identify users that need training and guidance.

Part of the Software Development Process (SLDC)

Does your company create software? Contango is the perfect partner to conduct Software Development Lifecycle Management (SLDC) and penetration testing that will help you exceed your customer’s expectations and increase the value of your products and services.


We've Got You Covered, Nationwide

No matter your location, Contango can help take technology off of your plate.

Our Approach

What does it look like when you partner with Contango? First, our certified experts capture your needs, your current infrastructure, and your future goals. This important information then informs the basis for all of the recommendations and services we can customize to fit your growing organization. Contango will continue to proactively evaluate your business’s technical setup and provide metrics for short-term and long-term success.

  • 1Needs Assessment

    We schedule a comprehensive assessment to review your current state of business and the long-term technology needs required for growth.

  • 2Plan Review

    We provide a comprehensive document outlining recommendations that include vulnerabilities, areas of improvement, and associated fees.

  • 3Project Implementation

    We execute, standardize, and equip you for growth, preparing us to function as if we were your internal IT department.

  • 4Unlimited Support

    We begin unlimited support that includes periodic business reviews, road mapping, budgeting, disaster recovery planning, accountability

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