Events & Speaking | March 25th, 2017

Contango IT and Rackspace Event

Contango IT and Rackspace Event

Back by popular demand! We are presenting once again the advantages of moving to the cloud—specifically how it relates to events out of our control, like Hurricane Sandy.

During Hurricane Sandy, many companies experienced downtime and loss of data/productivity. That’s just not acceptable for business. The servers and services hosted with Rackspace never went down.

Contango IT, with the help of partners such as Rackspace, has more than 140 clients—all of which never had one second of downtime.

Has your business ever gone down during a natural disaster or due to an event out of your control? If yes, then this seminar is for you!

Join Contango IT and Rackspace on March 26 to learn how cloud computing can help your company increase the availability, reliability, and security of their data—while decreasing costs and downtime. With cloud computing, you will also have more productive employees and lower overhead, which inevitably increases profit.

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