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Privacy, Compliance and Governance

There are many different requirements and regulations today, and even more coming in the future at a fast pace. Whether it’s GDPR for the European Union or the new California Consumer Privacy Act, data security and privacy is becoming more complicated and a necessity to prioritize. Other states are following suit, and fines are heavy for specific companies that don’t comply.

Our Team, Qualifications / Certifications

15 Penetration Testers, 5 Certified Ethical Hackers, CISOs/CISSPs/CISMs, ISO 27001 Lead Auditors with 7 ISO Implementers, and World Lottery Auditors (only 1 of ~20). Qualified Security Assessors (only 1 of ~200). With 40 people between New York and Israel, our team has done 100’s of projects with an assortment of different businesses of different sizes, public and private.

PCI Experts and Turnkey Solutions

Very few companies have reached the level of a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), and there is only one company that can say they were the first to issue a PCI DSS certificate in an all AWS environment. If you need a QSA to put a stamp of security on your business or if you require a PCI DSS certification, then that’s us. You can also ask about our Turnkey/Year-round PCI DSS solution, saving companies time/money and resources.

Risk Assessments / Gap Analysis

Many companies are getting ahead of cybersecurity by proactively doing a Risk Assessment and plugging those holes before there’s a problem. Also, often companies are hit with a cybersecurity requirement where they don’t know where to begin, or know that they have personal data and sensitive data that they want to proactively protect. In these cases a Gap Analysis of what they are missing is critically important.

Phishing, Social Engineering and Managed Security

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and the best form of prevention is: 1) User Training and Awareness, and 2) Managed Security and Intrusion Prevention. Our Certified Ethical Hackers use tools and social engineering to try and get private information from your users, and training them how to prevent that in the future. Our 24/7 monitoring services are critical to make sure there is no intrusions from the outside.

Part of the Software Development Process (SDLC)

If you’re a programming shop, or create software for others, a company like ours is the perfect partner. We’ve had tremendous success partnering with companies like yours for Penetration Testing and Software Development Lifecycle Management. Your customers will be expecting this type of cybersecurity teamwork for your projects, and working together will make sure we get your customers a secure product for their business.