Executive Breakfast Club: Cloud Computing

The Executive Breakfast Club facilitates discussions on the implications of current trends and business best practices in order to help its members accelerate professional and personal growth. CEOs, Presidents, Managing Partners and Executive Directors of $5M-$1B companies meet on the fourth Friday of each month at the office of one of our sponsors, Marcum [...]

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6 Tips to differentiate your business and stand out

What makes you better than the competition? Why should a customer choose you instead of another company in your industry? Learning how to differentiate your business is important for all small business owners because not only are you competing against other small businesses, but you also have to fight well-known national and global companies [...]

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Danny Mizrahi: Taking Risks for Dramatic Results

Danny Mizrahi is the Founder and CEO of Contango IT. He started his professional career at age 14, as a runner on the NY Mercantile Exchange where he learned the word Contango.  Each summer thereafter, Danny spent working at technology companies, learning from the best and expanding his technical and business foundation.  After 4 [...]

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Trio Of NYC Hospitality Group Member Firms Team To Offer EMV Compliance Strategies For Tri-State Ops

October 1st has come and gone but restaurants that are not yet EMV compliant have no reason to panic. “Even though that was the date when they’re supposed to switch over to making credit card transactions EMV based, the world won’t end if they didn’t,” according to Jason Lee of Leebro, a point-of-sale (POS) [...]

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SUMtech 2015 Wrap-Up: NYC’s Best (Un)accounting Conference

No good conference ends when the caterers pack up the food and attendees board their flights home. At truly great events, the webinars, panel discussions, workshops, and swag are only the beginning. For conferences like SUMtech, the real magic happens after you return home and begin implementing what you’ve learned. That’s when all the knowledge and renewed [...]

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NYSAE Technology Institute Explores Collecting and Securing Data

(left to right): Danny Mizrahi, Founder and CEO, Contango IT, Institute Speaker; John Hearon, Account Development, Shmittech, Institute Speaker; Tim Baer, Vice President, Business Development, American Technology Services, and member, NYSAE Technology Committee; Robert H. Lane, PhD, Principal and CEO of Lane Services, LLC, Institute Speaker; Patricia Ahaesy, CMP, President, P&V Enterprises, and [...]

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Cloud computing is no longer a new field in the current digital landscape. In fact, unlike several years ago when moving to the cloud was an optional business decision, today, most established businesses that conduct a significant portion of their activities online, whether they are a technology-based company or not, are almost expected to [...]

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