Contango IT is honored to have won the TriState 2018 CEO Report Corporate Culture Award

We are so proud to have won the CEO Report Corporate Culture Award! Contango IT is honored to be awarded as one of the companies that foster a creative, collaborative workplace culture. Culture is a company’s greatest asset and should be actively and intentionally cultivated. The TriState 2018 Corporate Culture Awards winners [...]

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Contango IT is proud to have won the SmartCEO Future50 Award.

"We're proud to have won the SmartCEO Future50 Award, representing the 50 fastest growing companies in NY! The trick? Surround yourself with people smarter than you!" - Danny Mizrahi, Founder, Contango IT The Future 50 Awards program is the largest and most anticipated SmartCEO awards program of the year. This program recognizes [...]

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Contango IT and Dropbox Event

Technology products have become a core part of your business’s workflow and growth. However, tools you use and rely on also introduce unnecessary complexities that hinder productivity. Dropbox for Business may be your cloud solution that automatically stores, syncs, and backs up all your files—all while allowing you to work with the device and [...]

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What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About IT Infrastructure

This article was originally published on  At, we want to help business owners understand the importance of their IT infrastructure. To help do that, we spoke with one of the most qualified people we’ve worked with in that space.  Danny Mizrahi is the CEO of Contango IT, a full service tech company in New York City [...]

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Contango IT and Rackspace Event

Back by popular demand! We are presenting once again on the advantages of moving to the cloud—specifically how it relates to events out of our control, like Hurricane Sandy. During Hurricane Sandy, many companies experienced downtime and loss of data/productivity. That's just not acceptable for business. The servers and services hosted with Rackspace, never [...]

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