Understanding the Basics of Cybersecurity and Compliance

Are you in need of a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credits?? Want to get them while learning about Cybersecurity, Compliance, Privacy Acts, and more? Amy Goldsmith, of Tarter, Krinsky & Drogin, LLP, and I have teamed up with Lawline to create a course that breaks down the basics of Cybersecurity and Compliance. You can view [...]

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Team Engagement Podcast #206: “Maximize Strengths, Minimize Weaknesses”​

I was interviewed by Shawn Richards of Blue Sky Business Consulting to his podcast where leaders of teams share their insights. We discussed six questions in nine minutes, because leaders know how to be concise. Click on this link to watch the full episode: https://blueskybizconsulting.com/2020/12/07/maximize-strengths-minimize-weaknesses/

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Contango IT’s CEO at Smart Hustle Growth Conference NYC

Last October 25th , Danny Mizrahi, CEO of Contango IT was invited as one of the keynote speaker in Smart Hustle Growth Conference that was held in Microsoft's Conference Center in Times Square. Their Topic is "Million Dollar Mindset and Scaling" wherein they discuss of What does it take to [...]

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Contango IT’s CEO on Business Fundamentals Bootcamp

Business Fundamentals Bootcamp are designed for the CEO’s and CXOs of early and growth stage companies. The events include speakers and panelists who lend their expertise on tactical issues and opportunities for growing businesses focused on topics in marketing, finance, law and human resources. Last September 27, 2019 at the [...]

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