Milgrim Law Group

Milgrim Law Group

About Company

  • Industry: Legal
  • Company Size: 5-20 employees
  • Location: New York
  • Service: Contango Unlimited

Who They Are

Milgrim Law Group is a boutique law firm specializing in real estate, general business, and government law, with clients that include individuals, local, regional, national, and international companies, including a Fortune 50 company and local governments and municipalities.  Milgrim Law Group prides itself on providing prompt, personal, practical, and cost-effective representation.


Milgrim Law Group approached Contango because they were concerned about IT security, especially the security of client information, and wanted to make sure that their systems were safe, secure, and met client-specified compliance standards. 

They received a client request, requiring, among other things, certain cybersecurity practices and policies that needed to be implemented throughout Milgrim Law Group’s IT environment.

Contango advised Milgrim Law Group that they have seen increased concerns about compliance and security as hackers become more adept at getting their hands on data.


Using our consulting expertise, including our Proven Process and Needs Assessment, we made a deep investigation into Milgrim Law Group’s IT environment to determine areas of concern and put together an effective plan based on their unique needs.

Some improvements we made include:

  • MFA
  • Backup Solutions
  • Password Management
  • Configuring new equipment to replace old/outdated equipment


To make sure that Milgrim Law Group’s IT environment remains consistently secured, Milgrim Law Group signed up for Contango Unlimited, a program that provides ongoing compliance check-ins and reviews, including phishing education, a help desk and consultants to solve real time day-to-day IT problems, as well as Periodic Business Reviews where Contango and Milgrim Law Group discuss IT changes and recommended improvements. Contango’s services give Milgrim Law Group confidence that their company and client information is protected, allowing them to focus on providing counsel to their clients rather than spending time dealing with computer/IT issues.


“The Contango team has been amazing every step of the way. From the initial set-up of equipment and systems, Contango’s technicians have been prompt and thorough. It’s important that we are complying with not only our client’s security requirements but also industry standards. I am happy that I and the other attorneys in the firm are no longer also our IT team. Contango now continuously works in the background while our team serves our client’s needs.”

@Edward Milgrim, Managing Attorney - Milgrim Law Group

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