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Karp Strategies

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  • Industry:
  • Company Size: 40-60 employees
  • Location: New York
  • Service: Contango Unlimited

Who They Are

Karp Strategies is a WBE/DBE/SBE-certified urban planning and strategy consulting firm that partners with clients to identify their unique needs and provide tailored solutions to strengthen cities. By incorporating people, data, and place as core tenants of our approach, we help our cross-sector clients move from analysis to action, allowing them to tackle challenges, make informed decisions, and advance their projects. They work with private, public, and non-profit clients to tackle complex strategy, planning, policy, and operational challenges that equip them to better provide services and products to their customers and communities. 


Karp Strategies was unhappy with their previous  IT team, who they constantly had to ask for continuous follow-ups and were supporting in a very reactionary way. There was a lack of attention to detail and they found themselves having to repeat pieces of crucial information multiple times to be able to successfully move forward. They were also concerned about strengthening their security for their insurance requirements and ensuring that clients would select them with confidence that they were setting in place secure systems for all information. In addition, the onboarding and offboarding process were not taken over by the IT team and did not support ensuring access to systems and hardware were set up. Many files and folders on Google Drive were shared on personal accounts with other users, instead of being shared from an actually shared drive or company account, leaving files and accounts active and requiring former employees’ mailboxes to remain active and needing to be paid for. 


With their current struggles in mind, we stepped in and did our Needs Assessment to identify their IT needs and risks. This allowed us to give them a proper solution for managing their IT environment which eased their worries about potential issues happening. 

We were able to significantly improve their IT environment which includes:

  • Created Onboarding/Offboarding process 
  • Mobile device management
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Reorganization of their Google Drive Files 
  • Datto SaaS Backup 
  • SentinelOne Endpoint Detection and Response 
  • License Cleanup for IT-related accounts


The Contango Team was able to create a streamlined process for Onboarding and Offboarding, enhancing the new user experience and a smoother transition. With the help of our cybersecurity measures, they now have a stronger IT ecosystem. With this, they worry less about the loss of data or account breaches. Employing Datto SaaS, which keeps a backup of all email, contacts, calendars, and Google Drive files/folders helps reduce data loss risk. Doing an in-depth license reconciliation helped remove older or unnecessary accounts to reduce costs across all IT software. Providing periodic reviews with our Virtual CIO help us to understand our current IT environment and showed a clear path for our IT future.

Our firm has been with Contango for a few months now. We were looking for a vendor that would serve as more of a partner and thought leader to have a more proactive drive toward IT and security. They truly work their hardest to leave no stone unturned in their day-to-day support, project management, or quarterly reviews of things you may have not even thought about. I have such a high level of confidence and trust in them to lead our firm in a way that is both safe and financially feasible for us. A plus is also that they have THE MOST friendly and courteous support team. A pleasure to work with- my team even calls their time with support Contango-ing!

Christina Blanco @Director of Business Operations & Administration

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