Joan Rivers Worldwide

Joan Rivers Worldwide

About Company

  • Industry:
  • Company Size: 40-60 employees
  • Location: New York
  • Service: Contango Unlimited

Company Intro

An unparalleled legend in the entertainment industry, Joan Rivers was more than just a comedian – she was a force of nature. Joan passed away on September 4, 2014 in New York City. Her enduring legacy as an entertainer and as a humanitarian lives on through her company Joan Rivers World Wide.


Joan Rivers WorldWide moved toward Contango IT back in 2016 because they were unsatisfied with their IT Provider. They were getting helpless response times and began to get anxious with regards to cybersecurity. Since Joan Rivers’ passing in 2014, individuals were attempting to get into their servers, PCs, and organization. The organization simply needed more peace of mind that they are protected, secure and in great hands.

Solution / Process

Coming in with our expertises and making sure the IT environment was set up correctly put the company mind at ease. Knowing they had a trusted IT provider gave them the peace of mind they needed to ensure that their data integrity remained intact.Using the proven Contango Unlimited process, we were able to revamp their entire environment over the years. This includes:


  • Upgrading the server
  • Set up their network with a Firewall
  • Create onsite and offsite disaster recovery solutions for the server
  • Providing Antivirus to all computers and servers
  • Increase wifi bandwidth within their office space
  • Migrate their emails system to O365 for the increase in security features
  • Upgrade computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro


On top of these solutions, we also created a serverless environment for them because of the recent situation caused by COVID and used Datto SaaS to back up their serverless environment


Through the years, and using the Contango Unlimited Process, we were able to alleviate any stress they had back in 2016 and continue to keep their environment safe. By setting their servers and firewalls up correctly, we were able to create a cyberattack-proof system for them. Utilizing the Periodic Business Review also helped with continuous improvement of their IT environment.

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