Grid Squared

Grid Squared

About Company

  • Industry: Security and Technology
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Location: New York
  • Service: Contango Unlimited

Who They Are

Grid Squared Systems is a leading provider of innovative security and low-voltage solutions. Their services include cloud-based & traditional security systems, integrated wiring, project management, system upgrades and servicing. They design custom solutions that are targeted and tailored to match their client’s needs. Using the latest technologies, that help their clients to stay up to date and get the most out of their systems. Based in Long Island City, NY, they work with clients of all types in the region as well as support clients nationally and worldwide.


Grid Squared was facing a host of IT problems and needed to take action quickly. With all the technological advances happening in the industry, they wanted to make sure they weren’t an easy target for hackers looking to steal data from their clients. The existing systems were far too limited when it came to granting remote access; that simply wouldn’t work if Grid Squared employees started working remotely on different machines & networks.


With their current struggles, Contango stepped in and identified their IT needs and any possible risks in their environment. This allowed us to give them a more anchored solution for managing their IT environment which eased their worries about potential issues happening.

Using our proven Contango Unlimited process, we were able to significantly improve their IT environment by deploying:

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Endpoint Detection & Response Solution (EDR)
  • Proactive System Updates
  • Triannual Periodic Business Reviews where we review IT Business Strategies


The Contango Unlimited team invested time and effort to guarantee that all of their IT
requirements were satisfied. The security training courses are sent on a monthly basis to educate the users which would allow them to be less susceptible to phishing & cyber attacks. With MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) enabled, it provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind. Having SentinelOne EDR installed on all the computers gave them the confidence that their environment, users, and files will be safe from any cyber threat wherever they work.

Additionally, we do Periodic Business Reviews where we go over any recommended changes to the IT environment including security upgrades. We also predict IT expenditures over the next few months.

With the help of Contango’s cybersecurity measures, Grid Squared can now focus on more important tasks than worrying about data breaches or other hacks which could jeopardize operations for the company.

“5 stars for these guys. Always fast to respond to our IT issues. They keep the office staff productive and moving forward. We recommend them to our clients as well and they have never let us down.”

Lon Bazelais @CEO of Grid Squared

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