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Cohen Partners

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  • Industry:
  • Company Size: 40-60 employees
  • Location: New York
  • Service: Contango Unlimited

Who They Are

Cohen Partners LLC was founded back in 2001 by Barry Cohen who is an independent insurance broker/agent for over 35 years. Cohen Partners is an independent insurance brokerage that delivers integrated solutions to meet client needs in business, benefits, life, and personal insurance. They have two offices, one in New York and another in Philadelphia.


When Cohen Partners came to Contango, they had difficulties with their current IT setup. They experienced frustration with their internet connection, which greatly affected their productivity. Their firewall also needs to be updated – this could be a huge risk since they follow a paperless environment which means all their files are stored virtually. Having a run-down firewall can leave them out in the open for cyber attacks. 


File management is another issue they struggled with. They needed a more efficient way to share and at the same time backup their files securely. On top of that, they also had several workstations that had to be replaced. They needed somebody properly managing their IT infrastructure to make sure everything is up to date and running smoothly.


With Contango’s trustworthy needs assessment process, we were able to identify the steps that will make Cohen Partners’ IT environment more efficient and productive for them. Putting Contango Unlimited in place, we have found ways to polish up their IT infrastructure into a more conducive work environment where they can do their tasks without having to worry about cybersecurity or their internet being a hindrance.


Some of the changes we implemented are:

  • Firewall replacement
  • Wireless Access Point upgrade
  • Introduced Dropbox to backup and manage files securely
  • Replaced defective/outdated workstations


Cohen Partners is now able to focus on its business goals and objectives with our Contango Unlimited solution in place. We were able to do this by taking the time to understand their business needs and then tailoring our solution around those specific needs. We have successfully implemented our services and continue to work with them as their needs change.


With Contango’s 1:1 Periodic Business Review, their IT environment is always kept in check. This is done (x) times a year with their appointed vCIO. This helps them have an in-depth understanding of what’s happening within their organization and any changes or upgrades that may be needed going forward so they can plan accordingly.


As we move into the future, it is important to always keep your business’s IT environment up-to-date. The latest and most efficient technology can help increase productivity and cybersecurity for your company. Contango Unlimited is designed to do just that – give you the best IT infrastructure so you can focus on what you do best. 

We've been happy clients of Contango IT for the last 8 years. Over that period, we want them to make suggestions on how to improve our technology, which they always do. They act as our CTO, and we trust and rely on their opinion. We loved the move to Contango Unlimited, now it's one monthly fee for unlimited support instead of random amounts. We know we don't have to "watch the clock" when calling, and we can call as much as we want. Their response time and customer service have always been great. They are a partner and extension of our team, not just a vendor!

Renuka @Cohen Partners

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