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  • Industry: Advertising
  • Company Size: 5-20 employees
  • Location: New Jersey
  • Service: Contango Unlimited


A Marketing Agency reached out to us seeking assistance with their IT challenges. The Director of Operations was tasked with overseeing all IT-related aspects, including equipment purchases such as keyboards and mice, as well as the setup of new computers. This consumed a significant amount of their time, diverting their attention from other aspects of the business. The IT situation was a bit chaotic and lacked effective management.


After engaging in discussions with the Contango Team, who conducted a comprehensive assessment, they identified several immediate improvements that would significantly enhance the security posture. This included:


  • Implementation of multifactor authentication
  • Adoption of robust backup solutions
  • Enabling hard drive encryption
  • Implementation of mobile device management


Following the assessment, the Marketing Agency made the decision to enroll in Contango Unlimited, a decision that came easily. They were attracted by Contango’s comprehensive IT management, which encompassed a complete IT takeover and the incorporation of Periodic Business Reviews. The Marketing Agency appreciated our dedication to creating documentation, establishing efficient processes, and taking on user onboarding & offboarding responsibilities. This shift in responsibilities helped the Director of Operations’ workload, enabling the company to focus on growing the business.


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