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Cohen Partners

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We've been happy clients of Contango IT for the last 8 years. Over that period, we want them to make suggestions on how to improve our technology, which they always do. They act as our CTO, and we trust and rely on their opinion. We loved the move to Contango Unlimited, now it's one monthly fee for unlimited support instead of random amounts. We know we don't have to "watch the clock" when calling, and we can call as much as we want. Their response time and customer service have always been great. They are a partner and extension of our team, not just a vendor!

Renuka @ Cohen Partners

Milgrim Law Group

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“The Contango team has been amazing every step of the way. From the initial set-up of equipment and systems, Contango’s technicians have been prompt and thorough. It’s important that we are complying with not only our client’s security requirements but also industry standards. I am happy that I and the other attorneys in the firm are no longer also our IT team. Contango now continuously works in the background while our team serves our client’s needs.”

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