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Our Name

What does “Contango” mean?

It’s not a common term, but one widely used on trading floors and in commodity circles. Contango, as defined, is when the future price is higher than the spot (or current) price. This is the heart of Contango; to move upward, constant improvement. We want our employees, our clients, our vendors, friends and family to climb the forward slope, to always improve, always gain value, always achieve higher levels of success, and to do it together.

Our Mission

Contango IT’s mission is to provide effective and efficient information technology solutions to businesses and organizations through experienced consulting, service and support. We achieve this with open communication, by working closely together and earning our client’s trust; resulting in a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

We customize support packages to match each and every client’s requirement. Without marketing or advertising, we rely solely on our client’s long-term relationship and references to keep our business growing, or “in contango.” Our goals, like yours, are to provide an efficient and effective service and product to customers, while keeping costs down and increasing business productivity.

Our Vision

Contango IT is proud to be leaders in IT Consulting, Wiring/Infrastructure and Custom Programming. We have been pioneers in Cloud Computing since 2008. We are building out office spaces with progressive/proven technologies. Our Custom Programming team is best of breed. While continuing to install, service and support traditional Information Technology, we are constantly getting ahead of our competition with new products/services, always learning and improving.

Our Core Values Mean Everything To Us

We Stay In Contango

Contango is a commodities expression that means the future is higher than the present. That’s what we strive for: constant improvement. We want our employees, our clients, our vendors, our friends and family to stay “in Contango”.

We Are Obsessed With The Customer Experience

We track everything we do for full accountability and transparency. We want to be one step ahead of everything. Proactive communication, follow up, maintenance, improvements, warnings, everything. We visualize and plan before approaching each meeting or service call.

We Do The Right Thing

We are a fiduciary IT company that always does what’s in the best interest of the client. That means picking the technologies we would pick if we were in the client’s shoes and not focusing on products/services with the highest recurring fees and markups.

We Are Professionals

How we look, how we act, how we speak. We take the high road and never burn bridges. Early is on time, on time is late, late is forgotten.

We Keep Charging Forward

We recognize and fight slumps. We continue to work hard and keep our foot on the gas. We try to find our limits, then create new ones. We maintain a high level of positive energy, for as long as we can. We strive to be excellent in everything we do.

We Work Together & Support Each Other

We count on each other to achieve great results, both personally and professionally. If one person can lead ten people and two people can build an army, then Contango can achieve anything by working together. We care about each other as teammates and human beings. We care about our clients and vendors as people and businesses.