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marianne Howe
marianne Howe
13:04 27 Apr 22
We received new computers at work and Chris helped to make the transition from my old computer to my new one so easy. He made sure I was comfortable accessing all of my data and was so patient answering all of my questions. I had 2 issues after the completion that I needed help with and he got back on my computer to help me solve the issues. I am thankful for the wonderful service they provide to us.
Kiara Urena
Kiara Urena
15:28 07 Apr 22
This IT company has been nothing but great! They have been very efficient, reliable and responsive. Definitely recommend their services.
Raymond Alston
Raymond Alston
18:21 06 Apr 22
It has been great working with Contango IT. They have made easy to schedule a day and time that works best for me for them to complete any needed work. When you call them, you quickly get an actual person on the phone rather than a lot of automated options and a long wait to speak to someone. I never worry about getting results when I contact them as they have always been helpful and courteous.
Claudia Camas
Claudia Camas
15:25 31 Mar 22
Contago team is so helpful and receptive to any IT issues. I feel very supported by the entire team and I know i can count on them no matter the issue. I highly recommend them!
Susan Harris
Susan Harris
20:30 22 Mar 22
Contango is a pleasure! No matter what computer problems we are having, we are able to contact Contango to get a solution. The tech experts are professional, answer all questions (even the stupid ones), and are good with following up to make sure the problem has been resolved. We don't contact them often, as our computers are usually humming along just fine but it is reassuring to know that, when needed, help is just a call/click away.
Mary-Frances Winters
Mary-Frances Winters
21:38 15 Mar 22
Contango service is superior. Every support technician that I have encountered has been responsive, extremely polite, patient and knowledgeable. Their response time is excellent. I always hear from someone within 1-2 hours.
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Unlimited Support

24/7 Monitoring

One Step Ahead Of Our Competition

Unrivaled Value & Efficiency

Redirect Your Focus on Growth

As a growth-minded professional who dreams of taking their business to the next level, you know it requires passion, rigor, and a laser-like focus. But to prevent stagnation and move the needle, it’s critical to have a technology strategy that avoids bottlenecks. By eliminating IT distractions, you’ll be able to redirect your focus and drive your business forward.

Protect What You Worked So Hard to Build

While recapturing time to work ON your business may seem like a pie in the sky, all you really need is someone to take technology off your plate. But you know hourly IT support is reactive and topical. And the time, cost, and challenge to assemble an entire team in-house can be cost-prohibitive.

If you’re thinking there’s a better alternative, you’d be right.

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Our Success Depends on Yours

You want a transparent and proactive external team whose success depends on yours. A partner that is always one step ahead and is incentivized to limit how often you experience technology issues. Someone that treats core issues instead of symptoms. A motivated team that monitors your environment 24/7 with over 150 security alerts.

Eliminate IT Distractions Once and For All

Whether you have no IT support or simply no confidence in your current provider, let’s face it, being slowed by technology won’t help you grow. The complexities of the tools that are required to run your business not only cause frustration but can foster fear. Because you know improperly securing customer data can lead to a hack or breach which can have dreadful consequences.


We know nothing’s more exhausting than having to juggle technology while trying to service your valuable customers. This is why at Contango, we believe IT shouldn’t stand in the way of you achieving your company’s growth objectives.

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Scale Your Business With a Growth-Minded Partner

Unlimited Support

We offer unlimited support at a fair monthly price with a team that’s incentivized to limit how often you experience technology issues.

24/7 Monitoring

We use proven systems and processes to continuously monitor your environment to identify and eliminate threats and weaknesses.

One Step Ahead Of Our Competition

From cloud computing in 2008 to today’s Cybersecurity & compliance, we’ve proven we’re always one step ahead of our competition.

Unrivaled Value & Efficiency

For less than the cost of a full-time employee, you’ll experience a level of of service and support that’s unrivaled in our industry.


Passionate and Expertise to Support Your Business Growth

We understand that as your business evolves, so do your technology needs. But being forced to solve complex problems as they surface can be a real burden. If our thirteen years of expertise has proved anything, it’s that it doesn’t have to be that way.


Since 2008, Contango has grown to over 100 professionals staffed across four departments, with 50 designated to Cybersecurity and compliance. We’re obsessed with growth and are always one step ahead of our competition.


This passion has led to expertise that allows our clients to scale. We’ve even had the pleasure of witnessing some sell their companies for nine figures plus. We continue to maintain a 5-star Google rating, and through our affiliations with EO, EOS, and Vistage — we live, breathe, and speak entrepreneur

100 Professionals Across 4 Departments

We’re Obsessed With Growth

50 People Dedicated to Cybersecurity

5-Star Google Rating

Industry Affiliations




What Our Clients Say

  • “When you know what you are great at doing you can let go of the various things you are not great at. “I am awesome at managing my company’s IT needs” has been said by nobody – ever. Unless that company is Contango IT. Let them take IT off your plate so you can get back to doing the core competency of your given business”.

    Chris Smith, The Co Team

Your Technology Growth Partner

Whether you’re considering switching or onboarding an IT company for the first time, it may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re ready for unlimited on-site and remote support with rapid response times, here’s how we’ll get you there:

Needs Assessment

We schedule a comprehensive assessment to review your current state of business and the long-term technology needs required for growth.

Plan Review

We provide a comprehensive document outlining recommendations that include vulnerabilities, areas of improvement, and associated fees.

Project Implementation

We execute, standardize, and equip you for growth, preparing us to function as if we were your internal IT department.

Unlimited Support

We begin unlimited support that includes periodic business reviews, road mapping, budgeting, disaster recovery planning, accountability

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Here Are a Few Paths if You’re Unsure Where to Start

All Inclusive IT Support

Comprehensive and unlimited IT support that improves productivity and enhances your team’s core service offerings.

Infrastructure & Build-Outs

From installing internet, wifi, and phone services to organizing server closets and running cables, Contango is your technology partner

Custom Programming

Our developers are equipped to handle web-based and mobile applications, custom integrations, e-commerce, and much more.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Our experienced team of certified security assessors and penetration testers will ensure your organization remains compliant with the latest technology requirements.

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Technology That Drives Business Forward

If you’re unsatisfied with your current technology solution, Get Support today and transfer accountability to a team whose success depends on yours. And in the meantime, Verify Your Eligibility for six months of FREE phishing & spoofing training.


Aren’t you tired of settling for reactive IT support that’s not interested in your growth? Dealing with insurance and vendor compliance issues that feel out of reach? Spending valuable time and money burdened with technology instead of leading your company?


Today, it’s time to stop letting technology slow you down. Let’s reboot your business with an IT partner with your best interests in mind.


Join the hundreds of others that use technology as a business advantage to help you and everyone around you grow.

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